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Lelystad | Discover Almere and Lelystad with the cycleseeing cycle route through New Land – Part 2

Have you ever cycled on the bottom of the sea? In New Land it is possible! We are going to explore the New Land area; Almere and Lelystad located in the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands. New Land is not Atlantis, a mythical island that disappeared, mysteriously sunk to the bottom of the sea, but quite the opposite of that; New Land literally originated on the bottom of the former Zuiderzee. New Land owes its existence to the largest reclamation project in the world: the reclamation of Flevoland.

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Food Hotels The Hague

The Hague | Voco The Hague – A night at the Luxury Hotel with diner and breakfast

An eco-friendly hotel at the heart of The Hague, where you will be welcomed and guided by more than fifteen hundred butterflies that whirl around. After having a plant-based inspired diner in the characterful restaurant Botanica you can let your hair down, socialise and sip cocktails at the lively Ultramarijn Wonderbar.
When night falls, you can unwind and have some “me time” in your comfy hotel room, sleep well at your bed with cosy bedding and enjoy a delicious full breakfast in the morning. What a wonderful stay at Voco Hotel The Hague.

Watch my VLOG video here: The Hague | Voco The Hague – A night at the Luxury Hotel with diner and breakfast.

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Accommodations Antwerp Belgium Hotels Travel

Antwerp | Moonback citytrip to Antwerp with hotspots and places to eat in Antwerp

Antwerp is close to the Netherlands, and a short stay in Antwerp already gives you a wonderful holiday feeling with its rich cultural life, a beautiful historic city center, good restaurants, wonderful hotels and a huge choice of shops for the shopaholics. One thing is for sure, it never gets boring when you visit to Antwerp.

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