Chinese New Year 2024. Year of the Dragon.
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Chinese New Year 2024: The Year of the Dragon in Antwerp

Happy Chinese New Year! On February 10, 2024, Chinese New Year began, celebrating the Year of the Dragon. A promising year full of luck and success, so it is said. The dragon, a symbol of luck and good fortune, takes center stage. In ancient Chinese culture, the dragon was even the symbol of the emperor, a sign of power, wealth and prosperity.

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Antwerp Winter Magic
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Magical Winter in Antwerp

The trip to Antwerp doesn’t start when the city comes into view but right on the train. The old Belgian train, adorned with graffiti, immediately captures attention as you step onto the platform. A waving Santa, surrounded by a thin layer of snow, welcomes you on this journey to the heart of Belgium. Upon exiting Antwerp’s station, the warmly lit Ferris wheel on Koningin Astridplein awaits, looking even more enchanting in the evening. But let’s begin with exploring the various Christmas markets that Antwerp boasts.

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Antwerp | Moonback citytrip to Antwerp with hotspots and places to eat in Antwerp

Antwerp is close to the Netherlands, and a short stay in Antwerp already gives you a wonderful holiday feeling with its rich cultural life, a beautiful historic city center, good restaurants, wonderful hotels and a huge choice of shops for the shopaholics. One thing is for sure, it never gets boring when you visit to Antwerp.

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