American House decorated with Halloween items.
Eindhoven Outings

American Style Houses in the Netherlands

Although America is thousands of kilometers away, you don’t necessarily need to book a transatlantic flight to experience the charm of American style houses. In the southern part of the Netherlands, in the Blixembosch neighborhood of Eindhoven, you’ll find a piece of America. The streets are named after legendary American jazz musicians, and the houses themselves exude the typical American atmosphere. You can stroll along Miles Davis Avenue, Chet Baker Lane, and over Count Basie Canal, musicians who ushered in the modern era of America. In this blog post, I’ll take you to this unique place and explore what makes these houses so special.

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Eindhoven Food

Eindhoven | Fine Dining at restaurant El Puente – A culinary world trip

Watch my Vlog video here:

In today’s VLOG video: we spent a weekend in Eindhoven, a city in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. On day two, me and my friend visited restaurant El Puente, located at the bridge a the Stratumseind 64 in Eindhoven. Restaurant El Puente takes you on a culinary world trip and I will take you with me on this culinary journey.

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