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Landscape Photography in Buytenpark Zoetermeer

Are you a photography enthusiast who enjoys being in nature? Recently, I ventured to Buytenpark in Zoetermeer on a beautiful winter day, where a layer of snow adorned the landscape, the sun shone brightly, and clouds adorned the sky. It was a perfect day for a nature walk, armed with my ever-present camera. Here, I share four practical tips to elevate your landscape photos and encourage a fresh perspective on nature.

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Waterfront Tsunami exposition Zoetermeer
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Waterfront Tsunami at Kunstgarage Franx

On January 13, 2024, the exhibition “Waterfront Tsunami” opens at Kunstgarage Franx in Zoetermeer. This art exhibition sheds light on the power and beauty of water while simultaneously exploring the threat of an imaginary tsunami. Transformed into an artistic landscape, Kunstgarage Franx provides a platform for artists to present their perspectives on water, raising awareness of rising sea levels and climate change.

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