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Japan & Korean Food Festival in Rotterdam

Japan & Korean Food Festival in Rotterdam. After the Japan Festival in Amstelveen I visited the Japan & Korean Food Festival in Rotterdam. This event took place in Het Park near the Euromast and was the perfect spot to satisfy my hunger with delicious Asian food. The atmosphere was immediately welcoming upon arrival. From a distance, you could see the tents and hear music playing throughout the park. The festival had a pleasant vibe, with various stands offering Asian food and wares.

Japan & Korean Food Festival

Watch my video here to get an impression of the festival: Japan & Korean Food Festival in Rotterdam.

The Japan & Korean Food Festival

The Japan & Korean Food Festival took place on June 29 and 30, 2024. During the festival, you could choose from a wide range of Asian snacks. There were terraces by the water and in the park, where you could enjoy delicious food and drinks from Japan and Korea. The festival offered various delicacies, such as takoyaki, sushi, okonomiyaki, gyoza, and bubble tea. Additionally, there were fun activities like karaoke, a silent disco, trying on Japanese kimonos and live performances.

Food Experience

Upon entering, we immediately headed to a Japanese food stall, where takoyaki was being prepared. Osaka Balls, a well-known name from Amsterdam, was there with their popular dish. My friend, who loves takoyaki, immediately got in line. Although the wait time was 30 minutes, we didn’t mind. The takoyaki tasted good.

Osaka Balls. Takoyaki Balls.

The Korean stand also attracted many visitors with a variety of Korean dishes. However, we opted for the salmon sushi at Sushi Fanatics. The freshness and flavor of the sushi were excellent, and it was a good introduction to what this restaurant in Amsterdam has to offer.

Salmon sushi. Sushi Fanatics. Japan & Korean Food Festival in Rotterdam.

Experience it Yourself

The Japan & Korean Food Festival offers a great opportunity to discover Japanese and Korean cuisine. It offers a cozy atmosphere, where you can try different dishes and enjoy fun activities. It’s definitely recommended for lovers of Asian food and culture. If an Asian Food Festival is organized again, I absolutely recommend, that you visit it and experience it for yourself!

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Travel Guide. Japan & Korean Festival in Rotterdam.

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