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Japan Day in Düsseldorf: A Solo Traveler’s Adventure

Japan Day in Düsseldorf, Germany. Japan Day is an annual celebration of Japanese culture. This event offers solo travelers a great opportunity to explore Düsseldorf and enjoy the Japanese atmosphere. In this blog post, I share my experiences of this unique Asian festival and give tips for a stress-free trip.

Travel to Düsseldorf

My adventure started with a bus trip to Düsseldorf, where I got off at the bus station at Worringer Straße 140. This is close to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main station. From the train station it is about a twenty-five minute walk to Altstadt, the old town of Düsseldorf. You simply walk straight ahead via Immermanstraße, better known as Düsseldorf’s Little Tokyo. This street is the heart of Japantown and is filled with Japanese restaurants and Izakaya bars.

Exploring Little Tokyo

In Little Tokyo, the streets were filled with people, waiting for Japanese food. The terraces were full. Because of the crowds, some restaurants had a rule that you could sit inside for a maximum of one hour. Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in Europe, after London and France. The atmosphere was good and I saw many people in traditional Japanese clothing walking towards the festival.

Festival Location Japan Day

Japan Day took place on the Rheinpromenade and attracted a huge number of visitors. There were plenty of stalls, focusing on different aspects of Japanese culture. I found the travel-related stands particularly inspiring, as I plan to take a solo trip to Japan next year.

Rheinpromenade. Japan Day in Düsseldorf

Tokaido Shinkansen and JR-Central Hotels

At a stand of JR-Central Hotels, I learned about the Tokaido Shinkansen. This is the high-speed train line that has connected Tokyo and Shin-Osaka since 1964. The JR-Central hotels are ideally located along this route, perfect for solo travelers who want to visit different places in Japan quickly and comfortably.

Activities and Attractions

The festival offered a wide range of activities, such as origami, Japanese chess, go games, and the Toyota Aygo Parcours tour. Cosplay enthusiasts were in their element, dressed as their favorite manga or anime characters. This provided countless photogenic moments.

Culinary Delights

There were numerous food stalls with delicious Japanese food. I opted for a bowl of vegetarian Yaki Soba, a stir-fried dish with long Japanese noodles, flavored with a sweet and sour savory sauce.

Yaki Soba. Japanese noodles

The Downpour During Japan Day

While I was standing on the ‘Rheinkniebrücke’ taking a selfie, it suddenly started to rain heavily. This led to a comical scene, with people running with their umbrellas. I quickly put on my raincoat and protected my camera. Like many others, I sought shelter under the bridge. Although I couldn’t take selfies of myself in Düsseldorf, I was able to capture photos of the thousands of other festival-goers.

Umbrellas. Rain at Japan Day.

Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

My return journey was less smooth; I got lost and almost missed my bus. There were two buses from the same company, and due to a misunderstanding, I chose the wrong one. When I realized this, my bus had already left. I ended up having to pay extra for the other bus. What I learned from this, is that booking a hotel in Düsseldorf in advance can save a lot of stress. This way, you can also enjoy the evening fireworks, without having to rush to catch the bus. Moreover, you can take selfies in peace and quiet in the city, even the next day.


Accessibility Japan Day

Düsseldorf is easy to reach, both by car and public transport. You can drive straight into the center from the highway by car, but keep in mind that you need an environmental sticker to avoid fines. Finding a suitable parking spot or garage can take some time. The city is also quickly and comfortably accessible by the ICE-international high-speed train. For those who prefer flying, Düsseldorf Airport is a good option. From the airport, you can travel to the city center by bus, train, or taxi.

Google Maps

In the map below you will see: the Rheinpromenade, where Japan Day takes place. The ‘Rheinbrücke’ bridge, where you have a good view of the festival. Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, Central Station. Bus station Worringer Straße 140.

For more information about the program and exact locations, visit the website:
Japan Day Düsseldorf

Travel Guide Japan Day Düsseldorf

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