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Japanese Garden in May 2024

Japanese Garden in May 2024. The Japanese Garden at Clingendael Estate in The Hague is a unique and serene place that opens its gates to visitors twice a year. This spring, I decided to explore the Japanese Garden, an experience different from my usual autumn visits. What I discovered, was a garden full of life and tranquility. Perfect for the solo traveler, who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Visit in Spring | Japanese Garden in May 2024

Unlike autumn, where the Japanese Garden closes at 4:00 PM, in spring the Japanese Garden is open until 8:00 PM. This gives visitors more time to enjoy the calm and beauty that the Japanese Garden has to offer. On a Thursday afternoon, I cycled to the Japanese Garden around 3:40 PM. I was prepared for a quick look, due to the late time. To my surprise, I discovered that the opening hours were longer than in the autumn. This allowed me to enjoy the serene environment for hours longer.

Japanese Garden in May 2024

During my visit to the Japanese Garden in May 2024, I noticed how peaceful it was. Only a handful of people were wandering through the Japanese Garden. Which was a big contrast compared to my previous visits in autumn. The tranquility of the garden in spring, with blooming azaleas, rhododendrons, and ornamental cherries, created a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Background Information about the Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden was created around 1910 by Marguérite Mary Baroness van Brienen, also known as ‘Miss Daisy.’ During her travels in Japan, she collected various elements, such as oriental lanterns, stones, statues, bridges, and a charming teahouse, which she brought back to the Netherlands. Japanese gardeners in The Hague added the finishing touches. They used their expertise to bring this beautiful Japanese Garden to life.

Japanese Garden in Spring

The Japanese Garden is an example of careful attention to detail. Every element, from the strategically placed stones to the carefully constructed bridges, contributes to the serene and harmonious atmosphere. The heart of the garden is formed by a tranquil pond, surrounded by stone lanterns and beautiful sculptures.


The Clingendael Estate in The Hague is easily accessible through various entrances. The main entrance is located on Wassenaarseweg, but there are also entrances on Van Alkemadelaan, Ruychrocklaan, and Van Ouwenlaan. For cyclists, there is an unattended bicycle parking area at the main entrance on Wassenaarseweg. Please note, that parking cars on the estate is not permitted, although you can park along the road around the estate.

By public transport, you can take bus 20 from The Hague Central to Duinzicht and get off at Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan. From there, it is about a thirteen minute walk to the Japanese Garden. Follow the route signs ‘Japanese Garden’

Visit the Japanese Garden

For the solo traveler looking for a place to escape the hectic pace of everyday life, the Japanese Garden on the Clingendael Estate is the ideal destination. The serene atmosphere, beautiful flowering plants and quiet pond, make it a nice place to relax. The Japanese Garden can still be visited this spring until June 9, 2024.

Address: Japanese Garden in Park Clingendael
2244 VH The Hague, the Netherlands

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