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The Hague | Voco The Hague – A night at the Luxury Hotel with diner and breakfast

An eco-friendly hotel at the heart of The Hague, where you will be welcomed and guided by more than fifteen hundred butterflies that whirl around. After having a plant-based inspired diner in the characterful restaurant Botanica you can let your hair down, socialise and sip cocktails at the lively Ultramarijn Wonderbar.
When night falls, you can unwind and have some “me time” in your comfy hotel room, sleep well at your bed with cosy bedding and enjoy a delicious full breakfast in the morning. What a wonderful stay at Voco Hotel The Hague.

Watch my VLOG video here: The Hague | Voco The Hague – A night at the Luxury Hotel with diner and breakfast.

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Antwerp | Moonback citytrip to Antwerp with hotspots and places to eat in Antwerp

Antwerp is close to the Netherlands, and a short stay in Antwerp already gives you a wonderful holiday feeling with its rich cultural life, a beautiful historic city center, good restaurants, wonderful hotels and a huge choice of shops for the shopaholics. One thing is for sure, it never gets boring when you visit to Antwerp.

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Food The Hague

The Hague | L’Osteria The Hague – Italian Pizzas, Pastas and a unique atmosphere

Watch my VLOG video here:

In today’s VLOG video: Together with nine other ladies, I was invited by Wendy Troost and her collegue for an influencer lunch at Italian restaurant L’Osteria at the Grote Markt 16 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The manager of L’Osteria, called Tom, was going to tell us about L’Osteria. He told us who they are and what they do and also what the food would look like. For the people who liked it, he gave a tour of the restaurant. Read further about restaurant L’Osteria here.

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Eindhoven Food

Eindhoven | Fine Dining at restaurant El Puente – A culinary world trip

Watch my Vlog video here:

In today’s VLOG video: we spent a weekend in Eindhoven, a city in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. On day two, me and my friend visited restaurant El Puente, located at the bridge a the Stratumseind 64 in Eindhoven. Restaurant El Puente takes you on a culinary world trip and I will take you with me on this culinary journey.

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Lisse The Netherlands

Lisse | How did tulips come to the Netherlands? Tulip Mania, the history of tulips

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In today’s VLOG video: Can we make pictures at the tulip fields? We are standing at the tulip fields near the Keukenhof in Lisse. We want to make a fashion shoot at the tulip fields, but are we allowed to do that? We are going to ask the farmer on the tulip fields.
The tulips are seen as a typical Dutch flower, but where do the tulips originally came from? Let’s dive into the history of the tulips.

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Noordwijkerhout The Netherlands

Noordwijkerhout | A pink vintage dress, a folding plate camera and Hyacinths

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In today’s VLOG video: I am wearing a pink vintage dress, I am using a retro classic folding plate camera and I am taking pictures in a field of Hyacinths in Noordwijkerhout.
Noordwijkerhout is a village in the bulb region, in the Dutch municipality of Noordwijk, in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands.

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