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Vegetable Garden in May 2024: An Update

Vegetable garden in May 2024. The month of May has arrived, and you can feel that the temperatures are really rising. The weather remains unpredictable with hailstorms, gusts of wind, and thunder, but there are also more and more sunny periods. May brings a different kind of dynamic to the vegetable garden. After the Ice Saints, it is usually safe to put plants outside, because frost is no longer expected. Young plants planted too early can freeze, so timing is important.

My Shady Vegetable Garden in May 2024

In my vegetable garden, the tree is already starting to get full leaves. My vegetable garden is in the shade, just as I like it. Everything grows slowly and takes its time. I can clearly see the difference with gardens in the sun; there, the plants grow faster and bigger. In the greenhouse, you also see gigantic specimens of the same vegetables that I planted. But I don’t mind. My plants grow at their own pace, and they are happy, just like me. A plan is a guideline, but it’s not necessary to stick to it tightly.

Vegetable Garden in May 2024

Planning and Reality

According to the vegetable garden plan, I should now bring in the first harvest and make room for cucumbers and zucchini. However, in reality it looks different. The lettuce plants that I sowed in March are just beginning to sprout. Although the radishes are growing well, they are not yet big enough to harvest. They stay in the ground a little longer.

Pre-Sowing at Home

In the greenhouse, little happens with the seeds I sowed in March. To be on the safe side, I also pre-sowed seeds at home, including cucumbers and zucchinis. They are placed on the windowsill, where they receive a few hours of sunlight every day and are otherwise in the shade. The temperature is pleasantly warm, and the plants seem to enjoy the sunshine.

Two cucumber seeds and one zucchini have already sprouted. It’s fun to see them grow a little each day. Sometimes I put them on the balcony to get used to being outside. They feel like my little baby plants and I wonder if I want to put them in the vegetable garden later. They feel at home in the house, but grow fast, especially the cucumbers. After they started to droop a bit, I transferred them to larger pots. Now they are upright again and growing well.

Lettuce and Other Seedlings

I also received lettuce seedlings. They looked so cute when I planted them. After a heavy hailstorm, the leaves looked battered, so I protected them with a plastic bag. That’s no longer necessary. They are growing well and getting bigger.

Fully Sown Vegetable Garden in May 2024

The garden is now fully sown with violets, thyme, basil, and peas. I placed sticks near the pods to help them climb and put a mesh around them to protect them from animals.

Enjoying at My Own Pace

Everything is going well with my vegetable garden. I enjoy working at my own pace. If I hoe once a week to remove weeds, the soil stays airy and can absorb water well. Even when I’m not there, the plants continue to grow. I have a nice garden spot for myself in the shade and it is wonderful to see everything growing like this.

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